4 Tips to Build an Efficient Everyday Homework Strategy

Efficient Everyday Homework Strategy

Are you looking for homework strategies for your child?

Here are four tips for getting your growing student on the right track to homework success.

1. Set up a study area

Having a designated study area helps students focus on the task at hand—working in a quiet, comfortable space minimizes potential distractions from unfamiliar sights or sounds.

2. Reinforce a positive attitude

The sense of achievement and confidence that results from getting one thing out of the way helps the homework session begin on a positive note.

3. Control the power of technology

You should ask that all distracting electronic devices be put aside while homework is in progress. But the internet can be a very positive asset when you can reinforce productive internet use.

4. Help them make a plan

Help your child break up the work into manageable parts. Plan a homework schedule for the evening and take time for at least a 15-minute break every hour, if possible.

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