Best Back to School Deals 2019

Best Back to School Deals 2019

Well, it’s that time again and we have the best back to school deals for you.

If you haven’t already started getting ready for back to school, shopping for school supplies and other essentials, be sure to read our 5 tips for back to school success.

However, school supplies are not the only essentials your child may need for back to school. Children often need help transitioning to a new school, new set of teachers, or to gain confidence for the upcoming SAT exam. The excitement for students meeting new friends, teachers and participating in new extracurricular activities can be overshadowed by anxiety and stress.

Fortunately, you can take a few steps to make the transition easier. If possible, tour the school campus in advance to help them become familiar with the layout. Schools often provide a map of the campus, be sure to review it with your child. Ideally, your child should learn where key spaces are located such as the main office, restrooms, cafeteria, nurse’s office and library.

During this transition time, peer socialization becomes critically important and being a part of a group can make the transition smoother. You can provide your child with a head-start by identifying friends from their previous school who plan to attend the same school. If they live close to you, offer them a ride to school or coordinate a meet up before school. Among other things, this will give them the opportunity to share and compare experiences; essentially normalizing what they are going through, while brainstorming solutions to challenges they might be facing.

You can help your child acclimate to a new school by helping them identify a club or a sports team to participate in. This can create vast opportunities to connect with others who have similar interests, while building a support network at school.

After all, your adolescent’s brain will continue developing well into their early 20’s. Until then, support them with higher order thinking, planning and foresight. Family support and parental engagement are linked to academic success. It’s important to start building study habits early, even if there is no assigned homework to do.

2019 Best Back to School Deals:

$100 off Homework Club membership

· Students meet daily after school to learn study skills, time management, all while they receive homework help in a small-group environment (8-student max).

$100 off SAT Boot Camp

· Students learn the strategies and techniques for all sections of the SAT exam in a small-group format (8-student max).

With planning and support, the transition to middle school or high school can be an empowering learning experience that can set your child on the path toward an amazing academic future. Start now to plan for success and take advantage our back to school deals, available for a limited time only.