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Buy One, Get One Free

Once you have decided that your child would benefit from a tutor, the search for the best tutoring company can be stressful.

It may be difficult to know where to start, but the following information will help you find the right tutor for your child.

When looking for a tutor, always ask for their qualifications and track record. If the tutor is a good match, you will see your child’s confidence and grades improve.

The best tutoring companies provide parents with a tailored tutoring plan for their child, taking into consideration the child’s specific needs, creating measurable milestones, setting achievable goals, all while keeping the parent’s budget and time investment in mind.

The best tutoring companies will provide one-on-one tutoring without any hidden fees.

The best tutoring companies will not charge extra fees to provide progress updates, or audit assignments on the student’s school portal.

Moreover, the best tutoring companies do not charge extra to communicate with your child’s teacher, to help you prepare for a parent conference, or to incorporate your child’s IEP into the tutoring plan.

The best tutoring companies want to eventually get your child out of tutoring; of course once they have become successful students.

The best tutoring companies do not make you sign a contract, nor do they make you take out a loan so you can afford their services.

Since 1992 The End Result Tutoring Centers have provided results-based tutoring and test prep to over 10,000 local families. Our objective from day one was to provide: one-on-one tutoring, tailored to our students by subject-matter experts, at affordable rates, with no contracts.

Redeem our introductory offer and find out for yourself why friends and families continue using our services, year after year since 1992, making us the best tutoring company for you in the San Fernando Valley.

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Buy One, Get One Free limited time offer

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