Which Test is Right for You? SAT or ACT

Every high school student must face a much-feared standardized test before college, and for the vast majority of students, that test is the SAT. Having choices is a good thing, especially when it comes to a test that can affect the trajectory of one’s entire academic career. Students should give themselves plenty of time to prepare and take a practice exam before deciding which official test they will receive. The ambitious may choose to take both, although it is not needed.

Many students in California take the SAT because they may feel that the University of California system prefers that test. The UC system, like every major college in the country, accepts both SAT and ACT scores for their admission requirements and assure students that they do not prefer one test over the other.

The End Result encourages students to base the decision on their test performance. The SAT measures a student’s problem-solving abilities, whereas, the ACT is an achievement test, measuring what a student has learned.

The End Result offers proctored exams, practice tests, BOOT CAMPS, and one-on-one tutoring for both the SAT and ACT.

SAT vs ACT chart
Reading: 52 q -75 sec/q English: 75 q -36 sec/q
Writing & Language:44 q -48 sec/q Math: 60 q -60 sec/q
Math: 20 q; Calc:38 q -75 sec/q Reading: 40q -53 sec/q.
- Science: 40 q -53 sec/q
Essay (Optional) Essay (Optional)
3 hours (no essay) 2 hours, 55 minutes (no essay)
3 hours, 50 minutes (with essay) 3 hours, 40 minutes (with essay)
5 reading passages 4 reading passages
Questions Chronological order Questions can be random order
Evidence-support questions -
1 science-based Reading passage 1 science section tests critical thinking skills (not specific science knowledge)
½ of total score, 4 multiple choice answers, 25% correct answer, and 21 Grid-in questions ¼ of composite score, 5 multiple choice answers, 20% correct, and Only multiple choice questions
Arithmetic, Algebra I & II, Geometry (10%), Trigonometry (7%) and Data Analysis Arithmetic, Algebra I & II, Geometry(35-45%), Trigonometry (5%), and Probability & Statistics
You can use for 1 of 2 math sections You can use a calculator on math section
Optional. The essay will test your comprehension of author's argument using evidence and reasoning Optional. The essay will test how well you evaluate, compare and contrast different perspectives
1600 36
1060 21