Should I give my child the summer off from academics?

child the summer off from academics

We certainly understand why parents want their kids to take a break from academics over the summer.

However, we encourage you to find ways to keep working on their reading, math and writing skills over the summer.

The summer break can actually erode these skills. When it comes to certain types of knowledge, we really do have to practice the skill to retain it.

Research suggests that after a month out of school, only about 20% of what was learned is retained and that is not great news for any student.

Here are some tips on how to be proactive about the summer brain drain.

They key is to put together a summer learning schedule that looks and feels very different from going to school.

1- Enroll your student in summer tutoring program. Summer tutoring is a great opportunity to set up a flexible schedule that utilizes instructional approaches that are different from the classroom. Find a tutoring program that will be tailored to your student’s specific academic goals. A few hours a week can help students retain learning or address learning gaps.

2- Keep a daily journal with your child. Make it fun and give your child the freedom to choose what to write about. If they are unsure, maybe ask them a question to get them started. Do not get too focused on correcting their spelling at first, the objective is to get them to use their writing skills. Lastly, have your child share the journal with you each day and write a reply.

3- Start a book club with your child. Have your child pick a book that both of you will read daily. Set up a weekly meeting with snacks to munch on while you hold your book discussion.

4- Have your child help with cooking a meal. Cooking is a great way to work on reading, writing and math. Have your child read the recipe aloud during cooking time. Have your child measure ingredients and set the timer.

Provide your student with a balanced summer; fun and relaxation and a few hours of work and dedication.