How many times can you take the SAT test?

many times can you take the SAT

According to, “research shows that students generally see modest score increases upon taking the SAT test a second time,” which means that taking the SAT exam 2-3 times can result in improved scores.

Generally, it is a good idea to take the initial SAT exam during the winter or spring of Junior year. This allows plenty of time for a second or third try. It is recommended that students spend a significant amount of time during the summer preparing for the next attempt. There are testing opportunities in early October. Usually, December of senior year is the last opportunity to take the exam for Fall admission. (e.g., UC system admission cutoff is December of senior year.)

Many students feel anxious about taking multiple tests and worry about initial low scores being sent to colleges. While most colleges are mainly interested in the best scores, Collegeboard now has the Score Choice option. Score Choice allows one to choose which scores (by test date) to send to colleges. With this option, colleges will only receive the scores that the student sends them and the scores will not be released without consent. Keep in mind that if the student chooses not to use Score Choice, all scores will be sent automatically in each score report.

Keep in mind, taking practice exams in an environment that closely resembles the actual test environment is related to improved performance. This is based on the concept of state-dependent learning which suggests studying in an environment similar to the test-taking setting will facilitate enhanced performance on the test. Memory is often improved, and the material is more easily retrieved when one is in a state similar to where they originally studied the information. The more practice one has in such a settings, the more likely they are to see improved performance.

Are the students getting feedback after each exam, practice or otherwise? This critical feedback will ensure that the student will maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

Private vs. Group Training

There are many different SAT/ACT training options. Consider these facts before you make your training decision..

Private vs. Group Training

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