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Join our SAT Boot Camp

Get The End Result.

College Admissions GameThe results are in! Our SAT Boot Camp alumni increase their scores by a minimum of 150 points.

What makes our students successful?–our instructors, student accountability, and small-group collaboration. We promise there will only be six students per class. The SAT Boot Camp is a great stepping stone for juniors taking the test for the first time. The SAT Boot Camp can also help student’s retaking the test to refine in areas they are weak in.

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SAT, Private vs. Group

Find the best fit for your family.

College Admissions GameRight now high school students and their families are shopping around for SAT and ACT test preparation programs. The End Result suggests parents answer the following questions so they can identify their specific requirements.

  • What is best for my student’s learning style?
  • What are my student’s college choices?
  • What time and financial commitment can we make?

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Which Test Is Best For Your Student?

College Admissions GameEvery high school student must face a much feared standardized test before college, and for the great majority of students, that test is the SAT. Having choices is a good thing, especially when it comes to a test that can affect the trajectory of one’s entire academic career. Students should give themselves plenty of time to prepare and take a practice exam before deciding which official test they will take. The ambitious may choose to take both, although it is not needed.

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