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We help students to be successful in reaching their goals with personally custom-design tutoring programs

About Our Center

The End Result Tutoring centers provides tutoring, homework assistance, and test prep in your home in Burbank or you can get a discount if choose to have your tutoring done at our Sherman Oaks or Granada Hills center.

We provide tutoring services to students attending Providence, Burbank High, John Burroughs, John Muir, Toluca Lake, Jefferson, and others.

This Center Features:
  1. All Subject Tutoring & AP Course Test Preparation
  2. All Standardized Test Preparation.
  3. SAT Boot Camp
  4. Homework A to Z Unlimited
  5. Homeschooling Help
  6. Math Booster Classes
  7. Test Taking Anxiety Workshop
  8. Proctored Tests
Tutoring available at our center or in your home:
  1. El Miradero
  2. Grand Central
  3. Grand View
  4. North Hollywood
  5. Studio City
  6. Toluca Lake
  7. Toluca Terrace
  8. Valley Village


  • Free Wifi
  • Quiet Testing Rooms
  • Quiet Homework Place
  • Workbooks Included with Program Enrollment

Schools in Burbank California

Burbank High School, John Burroughs High School, Providence High School, Bellarmine-Jefferson High School, Monterey High School, Luther Burbank Middle School, David Starr Jordan Middle School, John Muir Middle School, Brighton Hall School.

Center Hours:

Contact Name: Amber C.
Contact Email: scheduling@theendresult.com
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Our tutoring center in Burbank can assist students of different ages and levels.

We have a professional private tutor and instructor with over fifteen years of experience. We can customized education programs to meet students requirements, skills sets, learning methods, techniques, and goals.

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