How our Virtual Homework Club works?

How our Homework Help works?

Homework is utilized to reinforce classroom learning, and offers students the potential to build good study habits and discipline. Homework also benefits concentration and memory skills. While homework is a child’s responsibility, parents do have a role: that of monitoring, supporting, answering questions and ensuring that it is completed.

While homework is important to your student’s academic success, we all know that it can be a source of stress for the entire family.

Let the End Result’s tutors manage your student’s homework time.

This program is designed for students who consistently struggle with focus and time management.

Homework Help program features:
  • Meets Virtually, Monday through Thursday
  • Join at any time for help during club hours
  • 4 week membership period, with no contracts
  • Small-group, online format at an affordable rate

Homework Help program benefits:

  • Complete homework correctly and on time
  • Review challenging concepts with guided practice
  • Keep up with student’s assignments and prepare for tests
  • Develop time-management and organizational skills
  • Learn study skills and techniques to stay on track or get ahead
  • Relief for over-burdened parents and stressed students
How can a parent help their child with homework?

A parent should see of themselves as the homework coach. A coach has two main functions: organize and advise, with the objective of improving performance.

Yet many parents dedicate several hours a day to helping their kids with homework and often doing more than they should.

And when parents try to stop taking charge with their child’s homework, they realize that their child feels lost without them, they struggle to work independently, so many parents continue to take charge each night.

This creates tension between parents and children. Moreover, children lose confidence in themselves.

Homeschool Help

Allow The End Result to ensure daily and weekly goals are met by your homeschooler. Daytime hours allow for stress-free subject tutoring and proctoring.

  • Help your homeschooler with time management and keeping on track
  • Tutoring for all Homeschooling curriculum, on-line and traditional formats
  • Daytime hours at discounted rates
  • CAVA, K-12, Laurel Springs, Opportunities for Learning, BYU, and others

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Here are our tips for Homework Success:

1. Set up a study area, it is best if it is the child’s own study area with a desk. Choose a quiet place in the house, without distractions, no TV.

2. Respect the teacher’s decision on homework load. We are preparing our children for life, and in life, there will be a lot of work and effort. Discuss with the teacher if you see that homework is beyond the capability of your child.

3. Ensure that your student has corrected their homework in class and has learned from their mistakes.

4. Homework is an opportunity to learn to work in an autonomous manner. Have your student attempt helping themselves first before asking for help.

5. Convert homework time into a time of peace and tranquility. If the student has difficulty, the student can and should consult with his or her teachers the next day. It is very harmful to create anxiety in a home around things related to school.

6. Be present and be available if your child needs help.

7. Don’t impose absolute control. A parent should step in as needed and your child should know that you believe in them.

8. Promote communication and collaboration with teachers. Consult them if you or your child needs any supplemental help.

9. Extracurricular activities are necessary but do not need to be obsessive. It is better to adapt the activities to the personality and interests of the child.

10. There is a time for everything. Homework should be done at the same time, in the same place, and always with the phone turned off. Set a consistent start and finish time, with a minimum and maximum study period.

11. Organize homework time in 40 minutes increments to ensure they can focus. (half the time depending on the child’s age). Give them small breaks for 5-10 minutes between different activities.

12. Children reach their maximum performance after 30 minutes and then at an hour and a half, performance decreases; warm up with an easy task, complete more difficult homework after 30 minutes and complete remaining easy tasks at the end.

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Homework Help

What’s the purpose of homework?

Homework is an essential tool that reinforces ideas, solidifies new knowledge, provides time for continued practice of skills, and allows students to reflect on how much they’ve learned.

With The End Result’s Homework Help, your child will:
  1. Build confidence and feel fully supported
  2. Improve understanding of concepts and master new skills
  3. Improve their grades and keep up with homework assignments

4 Tips to Build an Efficient Everyday Homework Strategy

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