Over the past four years, The End Result has been involved with a number of both large and small-scale non-profit projects. The collective goal of all of these projects has been to serve the southern California community by bringing our unparalleled academic expertise and experience to a multitude of students that might not otherwise have been able to afford these services. These projects have provided us with a number of invaluable insights. First, all students, regardless of financial limitations, deserve the opportunity to take full advantage of The End Result’s knowledge and expertise in order to achieve their individual academic goals. Second, The End Result’s strategies and techniques, which have achieved an unrivaled level of individual success, translate equally well to both large and small classroom settings. Third, these same strategies and techniques, when met with an equal level of student effort and preparation, produce significant, tangible, and quantifiable results. Finally, these results have invariably been accompanied by an increase in each student’s confidence and self-efficacy and frequently have inspired students to create a new set of ambitious goals founded upon their academic success. From 2005-2012 these projects have included, but are not limited to: The CAHSEE project with Los Angeles County’s Juvenile Corrections and Probation Department:

The CAHSEE project began in December of 2005 and was designed to help incarcerated youth prepare for the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE). This project provided The End Result with a number of educational and organizational challenges. In less than a month we had to screen, interview, hire, and train a staff of more than twenty instructors who were able to work twenty five hours a week within highly secured, locked down facilities. Additionally, we had to design and implement a focused and targeted seven-week curriculum specifically designed to cover all skills, themes, and topics represented on the CAHSEE, as well as teach test taking skills and strategies to a student population with widely varying academic skills and experience. Finally, our instructors had to work within the parameters of the Probation Department; often individual students and entire classes (class sizes varied from 5-10 students) were unable to attend classes due to disciplinary and security considerations within the camps themselves. Despite these numerous challenges, our performance exceeded all expectations as our students at Camps Gonzalez, Kilpatrick, Miller, and Pacific Lodge significantly outperformed their peers and had the highest passage rates within LA County’s probation camps on the February, May, and October 2006, and February and May 2007 test dates. Due to our professionalism, experience, focus, and determination numerous young students were able to pass the CAHSEE, complete their requirements for a high school diploma, and transition into the next phase of their academic careers.

The Study Skills program at North Hollywood High School’s highly gifted magnet program:

Beginning in January of 2007, The End Result was contracted by North Hollywood High School’s PTSA to teach our own proprietary Study Skills Program at North Hollywood High School to students enrolled in the highly gifted magnet program. The five week program’s stated goals were to help students become independent life-long learners by teaching students to teach themselves and to utilize our Study Skills Program to help increase both student comprehension and academic efficiency. Class sizes were between 30-40 students and the curriculum included setting short, mid, and long term goals, creating daily, weekly, and monthly planners, listening and note-taking skills, and learning strategies and techniques based upon researched cognitive principles and strategies (these strategies and techniques included “chunking”, “priming”, and creating acronyms and acrostics to help foster both long term memory and recall). This program was repeated at Calabasas High School in May of 2007 and again at North Hollywood High in September/ October 2007.

The Aish Tamid young adult instruction program:

From September of 2006 until June of 2008 The End Result instructed and taught young adults in Aish Tamid’s religious community in Los Angeles. Specifically, our instructors helped prepare Aish Tamid’s young people for the General Educational Development Test (GED). As with the CAHSEE program, class sizes ranged from 5-10 students with varying academic backgrounds and skills and educational goals. This project entailed developing a curriculum and timeline, assisting students in setting short and long-term goals, and, of course, providing these students with focused academic instruction that emphasized mathematics, critical reading, and writing skills. The success of this program was underscored after our visit with community members in November of 2009 when it was revealed that a majority of our students had completed the GED and were currently either enrolled in college or serving in the military. We eagerly look forward to our next project working with the Aish Tamid community.


Upward Bound Program at Los Angeles Valley College:

Beginning in April of 2009, The End Result has instructed and taught students enrolled in the Upward Bound Program at Los Angeles Valley College. The Upward Bound Program, which is directed by the U.S. Department of Education and is federally funded, serves high school students from low-income families or from families in which neither parent holds a Bachelor’s degree. The program’s stated purpose is to “…increase the rate at which participants complete secondary education and enroll in and graduate from institutions of post secondary education.” Our role in assisting these students is critical as we provide SAT and Subject Test instruction to students enrolled in Valley College’s Upward Bound program. Standardized test preparation has been a specific area in which The End Result has excelled and we are incredibly pleased to provide our expertise in this area to students that would normally not be able to afford it. Our results with 2010’s seniors were stellar as a number of our students had gains of more than 200 points on the SAT and are waiting to hear back from the admissions departments of major four-year universities. We look forward to even more dramatic results this year, as we will begin working with the class of 2012 at Valley College. Additionally, we hope to provide even more Upward Bound students with our unparalleled standardized test preparation by working with other Upward Bound programs during the 2011-2012 school years.

We have found these programs to be both challenging and immeasurably rewarding. Although The End Result will always continue to provide peerless one on one instruction to southern California’s best and brightest students, The End Result’s future trajectory is inextricably tied to helping a myriad of students who could not otherwise afford our instruction and guidance. If you have any questions regarding how we can help your program and your students achieve their academic goals, whatever they might be, or if you would just like to inquire about past, current, or future projects and endeavors, please contact our offices.