Community Involvement

An Unbeatable Result
The CAHSEE Challenge Met

Recognized efforts continue for the success achieved in working with Los Angeles County juvenille detention students, one of the largest, fully accredited court and community schooling systems in the nation. Students in The End Result program were the top performers of ALL other county students in the same age and education demographics.

Pomelo Elementary School, West Hills

New afterschool Homework Club sponsored by The End Result, Tutoring for Success

Calabasas Scholarships

50 students are now eligible to attend The End Result, Tutoring for Success Summer Study System program funded through a grant awarded by the city of calabasas

Essay Contest
$700.00 in Scholarships offered by The End Result, Tutoring for Success

Pledge to “Educate the World”

Beginning fiscal year 2006, The End Result, Tutoring for Success, has pledged 10% of its profits as a charitable contribution to the Non-profit “Educate the World,”

Woodland Hills:
June 4, 2006, El Camino Real High School’s “The Woodland Hills Experience”
June 25, 2006, Festival in the Park-Family concert and festival