Press Release

California Students Are Not Adequately Prepared for Success

The End Result Launches Strategic California Study Skills Initiative

LOS ANGELES, CA – February 06, 2008 – In this highly competitive job market which requires advanced education, more students are vying for spots in top colleges than ever. Education in California places 47th on U.S. National Rankings and students are expected to exceed educational standards to succeed. In order to compete with the rest of the country and the world, public and private schools throughout California are demanding much more from their students, but many students do not possess the necessary skills they need to succeed. Grades are suffering, students are struggling, and they are not adequately prepared for college.

According to The Society for the Advancement of Education, students lack needed study skills. A national survey published by the American School Counselor Association reported that students do not posses the “fundamental study skills needed to foster increased academic achievement” and are struggling in their classes. Teachers expect students to know fundamentals such as time management, note-taking, and test taking, even if they haven’t taught these skills.

Furthermore, many students in California are not adequately prepared for college. The Department of Education figures from 2000 – 2007 reveal that 30% of students leave in their first year of college and that figure is predicted to increase. Various factors play into the college dropout rate including financial pressures, personal issues, as well as “poor study skills.”

College is a time of independence. Scott Pauker, the founder of The End Result points out that, “By the time students reach college level, it is expected that they can balance their time, extract important information, and meet the expectations of the professor. If they have certain skills in place, they will excel in an unmonitored environment. Learning and mastering study skills in high school is essential.”

In 2008, The End Result has pledged to bring its proven Study Skills System to students throughout California. By providing students with a free proven 90 minute study skills course, The End Result plans to improve the academic standing, confidence, and overall success of California High School students and future college scholars. “We have seen our non-profit programs work with every demographic of public and private school students from remediation in the L.A. County Juvenile Court Correctional System to acceleration of highly gifted A.P. scholars attending exclusive schools,” states Pauker. Study skills programming is available in both group and one-on-one formats to help students grasp and master various skills that they are lacking. “With adequate time and individualized attention, every student will graduate high school and gain entrance into the college of their choice,” states Pauker.

The complete Study Skills System is comprised of a 12 hour program that gives students powerful tools needed for academic success. It includes note-taking tips, time management tools, organizational skills, memorization methods, listening techniques, test taking strategies, and other systems for success. With over 16 years of documented, proven results, this Study Skills System helps students succeed and exceed their expectations.

Schools, parents, and both public and private organizations must continue to work together to provide students with programs that produce results. Once students learn the fundamental techniques, believe in and prove to themselves that the Study Skills System works, they can continue to replicate their knowledge throughout their academic careers. In this economy investing in one’s education yields high returns.