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Common Core Lessons and Materials:
  1. TeachingChannel.org Free Common Core videos and lesson plans
  2. LearnZillion.com Free Educational Common Core lesson plans
  3. EduTopia.org Resources for the Common Core State Standards
  4. OerCommons.org Open Educational Resources high-quality lessons
  5. BetterLesson.com Trending Lessons and Strategies
  6. CDE.CA.GOV California Content Standards
  7. TeachThought.com 50 Common Core Resources For Teachers
  8. CDE.CA.GOV California Common Core State Standards
Math Tutoring Resources:
  1. khanacademy.org Khan Academy provides free math videos
  2. nctm.org National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  3. MathPlayGround.com Math worksheets, practice facts and play
  4. Mathgoodies.com Free math help site featuring interactive lessons
  5. MathCats.com Interactive site that provides math explorations
  6. aMathsDictionaryforKids.com A Maths Dictionary for Kids
  7. MathsisFun.com Provides math calculators for all sorts of things
  8. MathWorkSheetsLand.com Printable pdf worksheets for K-12 and others
Literacy and Official Exam Websites:
  1. LiteracyCenter.net Free education material for beginning readers
  2. PBSKids.org Kid resources to engage emerging readers
  3. GetReadytoRead.org Online printable learning activities
  4. English Phonemes Spellings, Example Words, and Meaningful Names
  5. Scholastic.com Read every day, lead a better life
  6. ACT Official Site
  7. SAT Official Site
  8. The GRE Tests

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To help make your college career success, The End Result Resource Center offers students educational support services to increase academic skills and meet their learning needs.

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