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Since 1992 The End Result Tutoring Centers has helped students prepare for the ACT, garnering acceptance top-choice universities across the nation; such as UC Berkley, Rice, Northwestern, and NYU.

The number of college applicants grows by 10% each year raising the bar on admissions requirements. Students not only must maintain their GPA, they must also possess a great ACT score improve their chances of being accepted.

Our ACT Test Prep consultation will start by finding out about your student and their school choices. Every student is unique and we tailor our program to build on their weaknesses and strengths.

ACT Test Prep One-on-One Programs include:
  1. Flexible, affordable ACT test preparation
  2. Expert and Certified Instructors
  3. Tailored to your student’s academic needs
  4. Analysis of student strength and weakness areas
  5. Pacing and Timing skills
  6. Test taking strategies
  7. Student accountability
  8. Focused and Patient

All programs include proctored exams, materials and workshops.

ACT Test Prep Private Programs Option:
  1. 4.5 Hours
  2. For Students: Alumni of ACT Boot Camp
  3. Last-minute Training
  4. PRICE: $396.00
  1. 9 Hours
  2. For Students: Increase score by 150-300 points
  3. Retaking the Test
  4. PRICE: $882.00
  1. 15 Hours
  2. For Students: Applying to Top Colleges
  3. Need more time
  4. PRICE: $1440.00

ACT Boot Camp Calendar:

  1. 8/17/2019 for the September 14, 2019 Official ACT Exam Date
  2. 9/28/2019 for the October 26, 2019 Official ACT Exam Date
  3. 11/9/2020 for the December 14, 2019 Official ACT Exam Date
  4. 1/11/2020 for the February 8, 2020 Official ACT Exam Date
  5. 3/7/2020 for the April 4, 2020 Official ACT Exam Date
  6. 5/16/2020 for the June 13, 2020 Official ACT Exam Date
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What is the ACT test?

The ACT is an acceptance test offered by an ACT, inc that has been about 1959. All universities and colleges that demand an acceptance test as the section of the application will take the ACT. The exam consists of four examinations in a set order: English, Reading, Math, and Science. It’s offered seven terms per year: February, April, June, July, September, October, and December.

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