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The End Result tutoring centers has prepared students for the ISEE school entrance exam.

Personalized Tutoring

Our clients have been able to increase their scores by an average of 2 stanines!

We have helped students gain acceptance to schools such as, Archer, Berkeley Hall, Buckley, Campbell Hall, Crossroads, Harvard-Westlake, Marlborough, New Roads, Viewpoint and Windward.

Our ISEE Entrance exam programs include:
  1. Review subject areas in all sections of the ISEE/SSAT Exam
  2. Teach test-taking strategies for all question types
  3. Improve reading comprehension and vocabulary
  4. Teach the techniques to answer questions with limited time
  5. Build confidence to produce their best results
  6. Timed practice exams

All programs include test-taking strategies, proctored exams, materials and workshops.

ISEE Test Prep Private Programs Option
  1. 4.5 Hours
  2. Focus On Last-minutes training
  3. PRICE: $329.00
  1. 9 Hours
  2. Focus On Weaknesses
  3. PRICE: $599.00
  1. 15 Hours
  2. Focus On Strengths & Weaknesses
  3. PRICE: $975.00

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What is the ISEE test?

The ISEE is The Independent School Entrance Exam for student in 4th through 11th grade who wish to apply to independent elementary and secondary schools for the following year: The Lower Level is for candidates applying to 5th and 6th grade, The Middle Level is for candidates applying to 7th and 8th grade, and The Upper Level is for candidates applying to 9th grade and above.

What's on it?

The ISEE consists of multiple choice questions in four areas: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Math. There is also an essay, which is not scored, but is submitted to the school to which you apply as a writing sample.

Should a student be prepared for it?

The ISEE is quite coachable, and preparing for the test will make a positive impact in a student's score, stamina, and confidence.

How long is the exam?

The ISEE exam is 2 hours and 40 minutes for Upper and Middle Levels and 2 hours and 20 minutes for Lower Level.

When is it?

The majority of the testing dates for the ISEE are in the fall and early winter. Because of the Los Angeles private school deadlines, most students will take the test in December or early January. You must register through the ERB. Click here for registration information.

How is it scored?

A student receives a percentile rank between 1 and 99 and a stanine score between 1 and 9.

A 75th percentile means that the student performed equal or better than 75% of the students tested in the past 3 years. The percentile ranks are then separated into nine ranges, or stanines. Because the scores are based on data regarding other students of the same grade, practice tests can only give a generalized idea of the final score, and not an exact reflection.

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