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Jacqueline is very happy with The End Result and her older sister, Nikki, another End Result student, is now at the University of Michigan” – Jeffrey & Kim, Campbell Hall parents

“Will scored one of the highest on the entrance exam to Notre Dame High. He received an academic scholarship as well.” – Tracey, Notre Dame mom

“Hayley was accepted into her first choice school, UNLV, to become a contortionist, and she also received a Western Undergraduate Educational Grant.” – Janice & Barry, Cleveland High parents

“James is thrilled that he got a 5 on his AP Calculus test.” – Chow, Van Nuys High parent.

“Christiana has had really good luck with your tutors, so, I do trust your services. She now loves Biology.”- Kety, Chaminade High Parent

“Christopher got an A in Geometry and is very happy with our methods.” – Rob & Carol, LA Baptist parents

“I am very satisfied with the quality of your tutors and I look forward to continuing to work with The End Result.” – Sabrina, LACES

“Stephanie told her teacher that she finally found someone that can help her in Calculus.” – Georgia, Le Lycee International parent

“He was just great. He did a great job, and we were very happy with him. He was very patient.” – Carine, Chaminade Parent

“She got 93% on her AP European History final (January, 2010). Thank you Gunnar.” – Lisa & Joe, Viewpoint parents

“In 3 hours you were able to help Jeffrey raise his score from 2140 to 2200, and a perfect 800 on the math. Wow!!!” – Johnny & Diana, Viewpoint parents

“Lauren got the true ‘end result’ that no one talks about at Harvard Westlake. Her results in biology, physics, chemistry, algebra 2, AP US History, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, English, and philosophy were outstanding. Then she went to Columbia University and you were able to help her get A’s in every class.” – Diane & Gary, Harvard Westlake parents

“Thanks for the call…in the event the girls do not call you directly…..Sami scored a 1910 and Maddie a 1900…they were both very pleased and credited their success in large part to the great 4 week preparation program you developed for them. We really appreciate all of your great work in this regard, and in our view, you might want to consider offering this to others along with your program for those taking the SAT for the second time. Hey, we heard you drove to Santa Barbara and helped Madeline go from 24 to 29 on the ACT in just 5 hours. Keep up the great work! All the best”- Karen and Mike Louisville parents

“Alec went from a D+ to a B+ in Algebra in just 5 sessions over 2 weeks. Then 5 more sessions and he did great on his HSPT (high school placement test) and he got into his top schools.” – Sarah & Jim, proud Notre Dame Parents

“Darcy got a 5 on her AP Biology exam and 740 on her Subject Test in Biology. Thank you, End Result.”- Ellen, Marlborough mom

“Your tutors are great and Michael did really well on his finals.”- Ricki, Buckley School mom

“The help that I got for the ACT from Gunnar was so helpful and I’m so grateful that you guys did such a great job” – Rachel, El Camino student

“What a great job Nisia did in tutoring Delaney. She got an A on her math test. I will definitely be calling to set up more sessions. Thank you so much. She was so patient and kind.” – Sharon, St. Frances de Sales mom

“You guaranteed Melina would go up 150 points but going up 380 points from 1830 to 2210 really impressed everyone. I hear her friend Samantha is also going to UCLA. I’m thrilled that El Camino referred The End Result to us.” – Farzineh, El Camino mom

“Mr. Wright gave me some great news today: Avery scored in the 96th percentile in vocabulary on the Stanford test she took at Immaculate Heart and she was contacted by John Hopkins. She might be going to college instead of high school so that was great news.”- Nisia, End Result Instructor

“After working with The End Result for 2 years, I have achieved my ‘End Result.’ I received a “4” on my AP US History Exam and after participating in the 150 point increase SAT Guarantee Program, I received a great score, acceptance to USC, and a partial Dean’s Honors scholarship, 25% off my tuition. Thanks!!!”- LACES Student

“My tutor was great!!!! I got a “5” on the AP Calculus Exam and 740/800 on the SAT II Biology Test”

“I thought you might be interested in David’s final SAT results – he got 740 on the Math and 800 on the Verbal. He is, obviously, quite pleased with his 400 point increase (1140-1540). Thank you again for all your help.”- David’s dad, John

“…Sarah brought her math grade up to an A and is now in AP Calculus…”

” …with time and effort on my part The End Result helped me raise my grades, feel confident about myself, and ultimately achieve my academic goals… ”

“…Jonathan was about to give up entirely before he came to the End Result…however his tutor gave him confidence that he could do the work in both Chemistry and Algebra 2 and he is now passing both! “