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The End Result tutoring centers has prepared students for the HSPT school entrance exam.

Personalized Tutoring

Our clients have been able to increase their scores by an average of 12%-25%

We have helped students gain acceptance to schools such as, Crespi, Chaminade, Louisville, Loyola, Notre Dame, Providence, Sierra Canyon and others.

Our HSPT Entrance exam programs include:
  1. Review subject areas in all sections of the HSPT Exam
  2. Teach test-taking strategies for all question types
  3. Improve reading comprehension and vocabulary
  4. Teach the techniques to answer questions with limited time
  5. Build confidence to produce their best results
  6. Timed practice exams

All programs include test-taking strategies, proctored exams, materials and workshops.

HSPT Test Prep Private Programs Option
  1. 4.5 Hours
  2. Focus On Last-minutes training
  3. PRICE: $329.00
  1. 9 Hours
  2. Focus On Weaknesses
  3. PRICE: $599.00
  1. 15 Hours
  2. Focus On Strengths & Weaknesses
  3. PRICE: $975.00

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What is the HSPT test?

The HSPT is a multiple choice exam administered by parochial high schools to determine student admission, placement and scholarship awards for eighth graders applying to the ninth grade.

What's on it?

The HSPT is comprised of the following five sections: Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading Skills, Mathematics Skills, and Language Expression Skills. Please note, the HSPT may include a sixth supplemental section determined by each school.

Should a student be prepared for it?

The HSPT is coachable, and preparing for the test will make a positive impact in a student's score, stamina and confidence.

How long is the exam?

The HSPT exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

When is it?

The test can be administered in January or February. Contact the school for admissions requirements and registration information.

How is it scored?

The number of questions that answered correctly is added up for each subtest. There is no penalty for guessing.

The number of correct answers is converted to standard scores and national percentile rankings for each subtest. The national percentile tells what percentage of students had scores below yours in a national sample. National percentiles range from 1 (low) to 99 (high). A percentile rank of 50 is exactly average.

The composite scores (Total Cognitive Skills, Total Basic Skills, and Battery Composite scores) are computed in the same way. The raw scores are added together from the subtests that make up each composite score and are then converted to standard scores and national percentiles.

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