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Our SAT® Boot Camp is increasing students’ scores by 150-450 points; are you still looking for the best program?

Get your student ready for the upcoming SAT exam.

The results are in! Our SAT Boot Camp alumni increase their scores by a minimum of 150 points.

What makes our students successful?–our Instructors, student accountability, and small-group collaboration. We promise there will only be six students per class. The SAT Boot Camp is a great stepping stone for juniors taking the test for the first time. The SAT Boot Camp can also help student’s retaking the test to refine in areas they are weak in.

SAT BOOT CAMP exam which will focus on:
  1. Introduction to the new SAT EXAM
  2. Test Taking Strategies
  3. Review Math sections and practice questions
  4. Reading, Language and Writing sections and practice questions
  5. Review and Practice Essay Component of SAT Exam
  6. 12 hours of instruction
  7. Plus an additional proctoring services
SAT Boot Camp Calendar:
  1. 7/27/2019 for the August 24, 2019 Official SAT Exam Date
  2. 9/7/2019 for the October 5, 2019 Official SAT Exam Date
  3. 10/5/2019 for the November 2, 2019 Official SAT Exam Date
  4. 11/2/2019 for the December 7, 2019 Official SAT Exam Date
  5. 2/15/2020 for the March 14, 2020 Official SAT Exam Date
  6. 4/4/2020 for the May 2, 2020 Official SAT Exam Date
  7. 5/9/2020 for the June 6, 2020 Official SAT Exam Date

Schools practicing our SAT Boot Camp see an average overall improvement of 1–2 points.

Your students will be involved while they learn some of the most helpful SAT tips, including:

  • Content-specific plans
  • Time management skills
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Tips for examined question types

BOOT Camp Locations:

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